Commercial Flooring, Basingstoke, Ava Resin Floors

Commercial flooring

Flooring Specialists

Ava Resin Floors offer a variety of different types of industrial and commercial flooring, each is designed to cater to a wide range of needs.

We understand the importance of variation in the industrial flooring industry, and so we strive to attend to every possible requirement of our clients through the wide range of products and materials we have on offer.

Domestic Flooring

Flooring Specialists

Ava Resin floors is able to provide you with a luxurious and sleek seamless floor creating unity throughout your home connecting each living area ensuring a more spacious appearance.

We take pride in offering an individual approach to each and every project, as we understand that no two projects are the same.

Domestic Flooring, Basingstoke, Ava Resin Floors
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