Garage Floors

Ava Resin Floors can provide you with a garage or workshop floor that’s not only practical but seamless and stylish. The MMA resin flooring system provides a chemical resistant barrier which prevents contamination as well as being able to withstand impact damage from tools and machinery.

Concrete substrates within Garage & Workshop facilities are prone to dusting, and chemical spillages such as engine oil, brake fluid and anti-freeze. This can not only pose a hazard for anyone working in the area but can also damage the concrete substrate long term. Choosing MMA is the perfect flooring solution as it is very tough and can last between 10-30 years with the correct maintenance.

Benefits of MMA Flooring:

  • The rapid drying times mean you can walk on the floor within an hour
  • Resin provides a seamless and clean finish which won’t yellow or fade
  • Durability
  • Provides a fantastic finish which is extremely hardwearing
  • Anti-slip properties – minimise risk to health and safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Clean modern finish bringing light and a cutting-edge look to your garage/ workshop or car showroom
  • Reduction in noise pollution

Available plain or with a decorative flake finish flooring can be installed as a hygienic system which has an added design element. You can choose up to 200 colours in any blend specially made for you.

Garage Floors - Colour Types - Ava Resin Floors
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