Latex Floor Levelling

Latex self-levelling screed compounds give flawless finishes every time and can even be used to correct unlevelled floors from wear or previous applications.

This self-levelling compound provides a smooth and clean surface to enable all types of flooring materials to be laid. Even with a thickness of just 1mm, the latex polymers within the mixture provide a high strength surface for a wide variety of uses.

One of the main benefits of our self-levelling latex flooring screed is that you can walk on the surface within 24 hours of it being poured, so it is a fast and effective method of work suitable for projects with fast turnaround requirements. Self-levelling latex flooring screed was carefully designed with advanced flexibility and resilience in mind.

Modern latex compounds are a fast, flexible, and cost-effective solution, with much more versatility than traditional screed, it is obvious why latex screed is becoming an industry standard.

Our expert team are well equipped with the knowledge, experience, and excellent customer service to meet your needs regardless of the job size.

You can get in touch by calling us on 01256 516872 or clicking on the contact us tab or send us an e-mail to and we will be more than happy to help.

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